School Bond Meeting

February 20, 2017

6:30 PM School Cafeteria

There will be a meeting to discuss the upcoming school bond election that will be held on March 7, 2017. We encourage you to come out and hear the plans we have for the children of Strother Public Schools. There will be a short presentation followed by a question and answer session. 



The Strother Public School Board unanimously approved a building bond referendum for the March 7, 2017 ballot in the amount of $3,680,000.00. The Bond will actually yield approximately $2.6 million in project dollars after interest charges and fees. The first component of the bond project which will be approximately $2.1 million dollars, will consist of building 3 additional classrooms onto the existing elementary that will provide a safe shelter for students and the public. Strother Public Schools has increased its enrollment by 31% over the last 7 years and is continuing to grow, with no existing classroom currently not being utilized. We have several classes with 30 plus students. That’s a 1:30 teacher student ratio which is not conducive to achieving positive learning outcomes.  Also, part of the building project will include equipping the 3 new classrooms and new playground area in front of the elementary school.

The second component of the bond project will be renovation dollars in the amount of $250,000 for various projects beginning with the oldest building, the high school which has repair needs. There is also a need to make our facilities more energy efficient with most of our heat and air units being beyond 18 years old. Lighting and electrical issues will also be a focus. If able we would also like to fix our school roads on the property, but this will be down the list of priorities.

The third component will be technology in the amount of $200.000, providing our 9-12 students with computer devices for our 1-1 educational setting. We have already began this process with Pre-k thru 8th grade and hope to be schoolwide by next year. Technology is a fast growing way of life to our current generation and we feel it is our job to prepare our students for the world they are about to enter. 

The tax impact will be $17.50 per hundred dollars that you pay in taxes. The current bond that is on the books will go away before this bond actually takes effect, so below you can find a table that will list the total cost that will effect the taxpayer beginning June 2017.  If you should have any questions regarding the bond please feel free to contact the Superintendent Kolby Johnson at 405-382-4014.  

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